Our proprietary technology is designed for multiple applications, enabling you to perform real-time zone monitoring and safety improvement, mapping of employee and asset locations, temperature and humidity conditions, motion detection, and monitoring access points.

RFID Readers
  • ETSafeGuard RFID Reader

    ET READERThe READER is an active RFID receiver with an integrated relay for controlling accessories directly. It features RS-485 and RS-422 connections, allowing connection to multiple Readers in a buss mode.
    Application: Its Wiegand output enables the Reader to be connected to various types of access controllers on the market to implement a hands-free access control solution as well as connection to warning systems, identification and flow monitoring.

  • ETSafeGuard RFID Reader 2

    ET READER 2READER 2 is an active RFID reader featuring connections for two external antennas. When used with directional antennas, it can detect the direction of passage of the RFID Pucks and RFID badges.
    Application: Localization of RFID badges between two contiguous zones, automated inventory of objects with RFID Pucks in a large environment, people count on a construction site and hands-free access control.


Scalable Solutions

We grow with you. Our technology is designed for scalability and is prepared to meet your requirements as your business and applications evolve.

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